In addition to catering weddings and special events, Deans Catering supplies tasteful pastries to variety of restaurants through the Virgin Islands. Pick your one of your favorite desserts and go and have a flavorful experience you will remember. 

Hook Line & Sinker - Frenchtown

Buddha Sushi - Frydenhoj

X. O. Bistro - Redhook

Epernay - Frenchtown

Tickles Dockside Pub - Crown Bay Marina

Bella Blue - Frenchtown

Far Turtle - Yatch Haven Grand

Molly Malones - Redhook 

Saphire Bar & Grill - Saphire Beach

Picasso Coffee Shop - Smithbay

Kokopelli Cafe - Wymer Rymer Highway



Ice Carvings

Magnificent Service

We offer unbeatable standards of professional service and signature recipes to every event we cater. Our vision is to create an unforgettable experience from the food to the decor and all the details in between, the perfect blend of Service and Cuisine to delight you palate.